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Clients testimonials

Louise Anne Age 53 

MS Sufferer 

Recovery Serum™

“I have hyper sensitive skin, Earth’s Answer

Recovery Serum is a wonderful all natural

product for my face but I found it can be used


At 43yrs my hands were winning the age race

dry, red patches and wrinkled looking beyond

their years.... I have been using Earth’s Answer

Recovery Serum for 8yrs the improvements have

been astounding!

It feels like my skin is having a hydrating bath

every-time I use it.

I have been blessed with good skin, however

with lifestyle, age, environment etc fine broken

capillaries have appeared on my cheeks causing

an overly red appearance. It has reduced the

redness to giving me a ‘barely there youthful

appearance’ again. Making me feel more

confident and able to take on the world!”


These 2 gorgeous sisters both use our Intro pack Face creme Cleansing mousse Sea shake

Flawless Skin by Earth's Answer

Earth's Answer treatments are available at Body Soul Emporium

Raquel age 38

“I started using earth’s answer 3 years ago

and haven’t looked back.

They are truly superior products. My favorite

products are

1. The recovery serum (feels great, reduces lines

and blemishes and smells divine)

2. The sea shake body scrub (leaves your skin

unbelievably silky smooth and polished, no

need to moisturize after ,which is great if your

time limited.”


Euroa, Victoria.

Melanie  Age 48

Like everyone I am always dubious about claims that skin care company's make. From the moment I opened the jar and felt & smelt the texture and beautiful ingredients I was excited to put in on my skin and it felt AMAZING, it plumped my skin rehydrated it almost instantly ! the face crème, the serums & OMG the Sea Shake exfoliator for the first time in my life people are commenting on how good  my skin looks I have radiance to and firmness fullness I've never had since in my early thirty's my whole body is  looking and feeling awesome I have turned back the clock easily 12 years and it just seems to get better and better !I always love the Limited Editions WOW ! The Body Tonic -      de-tox, scars, cellulite disappeared  I will never use anything else but Earth's Answer -It is the Answer to beautiful  Skin  .xxoo Melanie


Age 45

 I have been using Earth's Answers products for years, people constantly are amazed when I tell them my age !

I always get 10- 15 yrs younger.

The products are awesome so pure I use the Intro spa pack- base range which is an essential maintenance program, I mix it up with their serums, and limited edition products.I have an extensive background in the beauty industry and can honestly say I don't believe there are  any products in the world to equal Earth's Answer !

And there is certainly no company in the beauty industry more devoted to the betterment of our people and planet  !

I have put so many people onto these products it doesn't matter your skin type or problem the base range suits everyone !

There's so much more to Earth's Answer they are integrity on many levels  

I love their pages on facebook informative and Uplifting.

if your looking for the answer to awesome skin -Earth's Answer is it.

xo  Megan .H

Kate Age 32 

Client for 5 years 

Sea Shake™

“I have hypersensitive skin Earth’s Answer

Sea Shake is a wonderful all natural product that I have been using for 4 years.

It is especially good used on my back mmm. What a relief!

With the essential oils, I don’t even need to moisturize afterward .an an excellent base before having a Spray Tan  Love it!

What I especially like about Earth’s Answer products is that I know I can trust the product to deliver what it promises and then some.

I think there must be a ‘little miracle’ put into each jar as an ingredient.”



Earth's Answer 


Had to share this with you.... So went to footy at MCG last night, full face of makeup (mostly natural so lower in nasties), had to eat basically a plate of red meat & a couple of carrots for dinner as that's what they served at the presidents dining room. Got home took make up off & my face felt s###, looked like it was breaking out all over the place and seemed redder around all the blemishes. I cleansed, then washed with honey soap & put moisturiser on including a big of the serum on blemishes. It felt soooooooooo much better straight away and this morning also looks happy again.

So moral of the message is thank you for these wonderful products which my skin so adores and needs. You must never stop making and selling it or else I think I may not want to live anymore! Lol

Vella .


Clients comments -"I can’t thank you enough !

Even the girls at work have commented how my skin looks!

My skin feels calm and refreshed and MOISTURIZED ALL DAY!"

Before & After a "Bio Rewind Therapy treatment using Earth's Answer

professional formulas 

available at - our sister company 

Located in Berwick .Vic  Organic Day Spa & Bio Rejuvenation clinic 

Anti Aging -All skin conditions 

(pictured Full Facial neck- decolletage )results after 1 treatment.

Body Sculpting Mousse 

 BEFORE                              6 WEEK TREATMENT                                          AFTER 

Capture Your Beauty Naturally 

Advanced formulations using ancient secret activation processes

- releasing the molecular life force of selected plant botanicals,

minerals & vitamins

resulting in deepest skin renewal

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