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Dog Soap  Goat Milk   Manuka
  • Dog Soap Goat Milk Manuka


    This gorgeous soap bar was created for my big pooches  Rotti x English Labs who developed bacterial and eczema in the folds of their loose skin and nothing on the market worked so for 5 years I researched this product is the result and it worked in 1 wash and never returned! 

    It also worked for Mange! You Pooch will love it !  Shampoo & Conditions in 1 wash so simple & easy to use !

    Why is goat milk soap good for dogs' skin?

    Goats' milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids is very nourishing for the skin.

    Dogs' skin pH is 6.8; goat milk pH is 6.4-6.7 making it a perfect compliment for animals.

    It will soften your dogs' skin and nourish their coat while helping to repel pests.

    It also rinses off much easier than most dog shampoos. leaving a super soft fresh-smelling pooch.

    Goat milk is a Humectant—meaning it pulls moisture from the air onto the skin it maintains Your dog's natural oils.

    Manuka Honey is Highly antimicrobial—anti-inflammatory which makes it excellent for dogs suffering from eczema and other skin irritations results are seen in 1 use.  


    • How many washes per bar ?

      Our party Animal range can be used on other animals such as cats, rabbits 

      The fun animal shapes come in bees– butterfly— hearts & round, creating more fun and easy user-friendly experience  ..

      Our Goat milk & Manuka Honey  soap bar are available in small-medium & large  to suit all size

      pooches. Long lasting average of around 4-6 months ( around 15- 20 washes) 

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